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 Nikolay Dimitry

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PostSubject: Nikolay Dimitry    Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:06 am


Dimitry continued to move swiftly and silently throughout the shadows, leaving outraged howls of anger and despair far behind. Another mission done. Another target gone. Tis was the regular day in the life of an assassin. How many missions had he done, and how many wolves were dead because of him…?  He did not know or care. It was business, and he had gotten quite rich from his skill. His clients paid him generously, and he had gained much territory from ending their enemies fate.
But how long until his own fate was ended? He had become quite famous throughout his lands. And famous wolves usually did not last that long out here. It was only a matter of time before his many enemies became organized in hunting him down. And of course, then he will fade into the shadows, never to be seen again in those lands. He would lose his patches of territory, of course, but the secret riches he had accumulated over the years would travel with him. He would let his partner know of his plans, then he would sleep for the journey to come.
After arriving in his territory, a small stretch of land positioned between a dense forest and a frozen sea, he quickly made haste into a giant crack in a cliff. It was his den, a dark, foreboading place. There he had found a flag with a sickle and a hammer upon it, bearing the proud red color. From research, it was a human flag, the Russian glory, to be exact. It suited him, for he was Russian also. His accent from his Russian heritage was certainly a fitting part to his job.
As he entered the massive crack, his partner came out to him. He was not Russain as he was, but still a force to be reckoned with, for he was trained by none other than Dimitry himself. He gave a small nod in his direction, and spoke to him in Russian, the language that perhaps only the two of them knew. They also knew English and German, yet they rarely ever used them, for any listeners could easily find out their plans and movements.
“Мы должны двигаться, наша недавняя деятельность стала слишком прослеживаемой.” Growled Dimitry.
We should move, our recent activity became too traceable.
“Конечно, Царь, мы двигаемся утром, правильный?” Responded Kiviar.
Certainly, Tsar, we move in the morning
“Мы делаем, готовимся, я буду спать.”
We do, we prepare, I shall sleep
“Конечно, сэр.”
Yes, sir
Dimitry gave another nod at Kiviar, and he padded into the realms of the den. After settling down in the darest, coldest part, he instantly fell into a dreamless slumber.

After about 4 hours of sleeping he awoke and gave a stretch. It took many a year for him to perfect surviving on such little sleep, but it had aided him so well. Then multiple scents slammed in to his nose. He had by far the most sensitive smelling sense in his area, and this stench nearly burned. It was the smell of multiple wolves. He quickly blocked the majority of the scents, and slowly snuck out to the main entrance. He saw around thirty wolves surrounding the main part of the den, trying to look for him. Not to his surprise, Kaviar was among them. Betrayel was a common thing in his field. He was not surprised at all. That’s when his partner spotted him. Only one of his own students could of done that.
“Well well, look at what we have here. Surprised? I was promised all you have in return for ratting you out. Tis a good deal, non?”
Dimitry remained silent as the rest of the wolves turned and looked in confusion. They did not see him, even if he was a mere 5 yards from them. He slowly faded back in to the shadows.
“Hiding? Not working. Remember you trained me yourself? I know all your tricks. These fools may not be able to see you, but I can.”
Kaviar called the charge, and all of his enemies came rushing in to the cave. Although the outlook looked grim, Dimitry was always prepared. He never was caught without at least two escape routes, one of which he only knew of.
He quickly made haste in to the back of the den. As he entered a smaller cave, he sensed another wolf running up behind him, still unaware that death himself was lurking close by. Dimitry quickly lashed out, and all the wolf had to show for his death was a clean-cut line across his throat. He let out a small gurgle, and collapsed into the floor. Dimitry then disappeared in to the coming morning.
After he had disappeared into the forest, yet another stench hit his nose. It was his partner, still determined to kill him. Dimitry cursed himself for ever accepting the little runt.
“Goodness, that will be the last time I ever get a mob to come after you. They’re simply not of our level, are they? Well, tis just you and me, it seems. And I shall walk away with your pelt.”
Dimitry remained silent, staring into Kaviar’s eyes. There was no need to talk in this situation. If he wanted to faded into the realms of time and be forgotten, Kaviar was just another obstacle in his way.
“Oh, and you killed that wolf, did you? He was only two years old, quite young. His family is greatly saddened by his untimely demise. But it was just another pest you took care of in your life, wasn’t it? We don’t care about life anymore. We’ve lost that sense to our jobs.”
Dimitry readied himself. He prepared to attack while this stupid wolf was blabbering on.
“Well, I know all your tricks, old man. Why not just let me trample you under my paws? It would be so mu-“
He was cut off as a red line appeared on his throat. It happened so fast, it took all of a second. Dimitry watched in satisfaction as another victim fell to the ground, dead. He then turned away and padded off into the shadows, free of all the wolves hunting him.
He recalled in his research of a pack located near a fallen human city. It was perfect for him, for perhaps he could hide in their ranks until the storm passed over.
“его длинная дорога, чтобы следовать...”

Theme Song

Nikolay Dimitry
Breed: Unkown
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pure greyish black, completely dulled for blending in to almost any backdrop. He has no scars or markings at all. The only thing that interrupt his smooth pelt are his eyes, full of cold, calculating menace.
Voice: he has an extremely deep, quiet voice that has a heavy Russian accent.  He can also speak in German, Russian, and French.
Build: He is a massive wolf, with muscle rippling after every movement. Although he is massive and somewhat bulky, he has enough speed to put most scouts to shame.
Personality: Dimitry is a cold, somewhat antisocial wolf that often will ignore those who are irksome or pestering. For a good reason, too, for he will gladly slit a throat if they threaten or annoy him too much. He rarely makes friends, for he views them as a dangerous part of life. The last friend he had was killed painfully in front of him for simply knowing him. his murders soon met the same fate as his friend.
Nikolay: father: dead
Stalin: uncle: dead
Tanya: mother: dead
Solivan: Brother: Alive
Narva: Brother: Alive
Aleksander: Uncle: Alive
Strengths: Strong both emotionally and physically. He knows how to tell what is going to happen, and will readily plan for it. From his extensive research, he also knows many interesting things about the world. His craving for knowledge also seems to be a weakness, although he has learned many things throughout his life.
Weaknesses: Only one, but that will come later.
Habits: Dimitry loves to read if a book is available. He took most of his life learning this human language, but so far, it has benefitted him greatly. He also loves stargazing.

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolay Dimitry    Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:11 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolay Dimitry    Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:14 am

Welcome to the pack, Dimitry!


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PostSubject: Re: Nikolay Dimitry    Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:07 am

Thanks Jennezia. ^_^ Can't wait to see you in the RP.
Also, updated with the theme song, i think. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Nikolay Dimitry    

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Nikolay Dimitry
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