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PostSubject: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:29 am

Name - Dezenne
Nicknames - Dez, Dezi
Gender - Female
Age - 1 year
Rank - Juvenile
Desired Rank - Guardian
Breed - European Wolf
Sexual Orientation - Too young to know for sure
Crush - None

The Outside
Coat Length - Medium
Pelt Description - The femme sports a thick, coarse hide. Her fur has a base color of off white/cream on her stomach and muzzle, and drifts into a dark gray on her back and crown
Eye Color - Brown
Build - Dezi has a sturdy structure. She has broad shoulders and complete control over her movements. Because of her young age, she has a fairly disproportionate body (large paws and ears) that will hopefully even out as her body matures.
Markings - Soot colored pigments blotted onto her back and cranium
Scars - Multiple scars from various points in her childhood

Personality - Dezenne is quite the complicated soul. She has suffered from abuse, neglect, and disapproval, and she never wants to go back.
Dez lives to please. She drives herself forward until she can't go anymore, often dehydrating herself, or letting herself go hungry because of it. She does not lead a particularly healthy lifestyle. The juvenile does not, of course, deprive her body of its basic needs purposely. Her past has had such a negative effect on her, that she doesn't know what to do with herself if she isn't working.
Dezenne's real flattering trait is her mind. Her mental capabilities are both a gift, and a curse. She definitely can't be considered wise, because of her lack of experience, but she likes to pretend she's someone else and walk around in their shoes. This is purely a mental game for her own enjoyment. She doesn't let anyone else know that she does things as invasive as this.
Because she requires such high mental stimulation, she gets bored easily. She enjoys playing with people, whether it's tormenting them physically by wrestling or racing, or joking with/at them. Some wolves find this exhilarating, and others find it down right annoying. Regardless of how a wolf reacts to her, it doesn't stop her.
Dezenne can be incredibly stubbourn. She's far from submissive and she often bites off more then she can chew. She likes to believe that she's perfect, and doesn't listen to the wolves that try to convince her otherwise. She never backs down from a little competition.
Onto stronger weaknesses, Dez is like a Chihuahua when it comes to loud noises, or anything remotely scary or gross. Coyotes, bears, scorpions, squirrels. Anything can make this small femme jump. It's easy to frighten her, although it's not recommended unless you want a Dezi on your neck for the next seven years.
Another weakness of hers, much to her dismay, is lying. She couldn't lie to save her life. She stutters, coughs, pants, and twitches until she comes clean. She's an easy nut to crack.
On a similar note, this particular youngster cracks under pressure. When she messes up, she hyperventilates, and when she is worried about losing, she hyperventilates....
Dezenne suffers from insomnia. She has horrible dreams and often can't sleep for long periods of time because of this weakness.
Overall, physically, Dezenne will compete with another wolf over anything. Mentally, she will derive any attention from anyone that she can. She loves new faces and new wolves to interact with.
Due to her weaknesses, she struggles to properly eat, sleep, and drink. So where she should be strong, she lacks and struggles.

Likes - New wolves, working, sunshine, challenges
Dislikes - Being treated like a pup, feeling weak, losing, being spooked
Strengths - Wrestling, Determination, Wits, Stamina
Weaknesses - Insomnia, Mild Anger Issues, Inability to eat and drink proper amounts
History - It all started...well, when a mommy wolf and a daddy wolf love each other very much, they...you know what? Ask your father.
Dezenne had always been a healthy puppy. Even from birth she was a nice size with a full coat, and was able to stand earlier then others. She was an only child, save for a sister that was delivered moments after her, unfortunately this baby girl passed away before she was able to take her first breath. Dez considered her late sister to be lucky, as her introduction to the world was brutal.
She was forced into train as a warrior. She was ordered to spar and fight with the other members at a young age. She won some, and lost some. If she lost, she was attacked (the reason behind her cracking under pressure) her childhood consisted of constant life or death situations. Ultimitely, Dezenne was enslaved to work for a pack she despised from sunrise to sunset. She grew to dread waking up at all.
Dez had never had a close relationship with either of her parents. She loved them and all, but she never felt comfortable sharing her secrets with them, or any other pups in the pack, as they were all much younger then her.
One night however, Dezi's mother opened up. She pulled Dez aside and delivered her life story to Dez, in hopes that she would take the new information and grow. Dezenne wasn't about to let her down.
When she was a mere two years old, Dezenne's mother was enchanted by a young male who'd approached the pack she resided in, claiming to be a rogue. After a few days, the female was caught in his trap. It was true love...on her side at least. The male soon brought her back to his real pack, confessing to the lie he had told about being a rogue.
Dezenne's mother was soon enslaved. She was to deliver healthy pups that carried the genes of her mate, and nothing else. She was nearly killed when her sister was pronounced dead.
It was then that Dezenne found out that she wasn't an only child. Her mother had had litters before her, two litters, each complete with three healthy puppies. Every female was enslaved within the pack as their mother had been. Some worked to be warriors, scouts or medics, and some were enslaved as queens. Each male was to travel to different pack territories and enslave a female.
Some wolves didn't believe in slavery. Males could easily leave as soon as they were granted permission to find more ..."recruits". For the females, it was trickier. Someone was going to die. Dezenne's mother begged Dez to run. She explained how she saw something in her, something different then she had in the other pups. She didn't belong in slavery. She belonged with a family. Unfortunately, Dezenne knew that her mother could not come with her. If she stole her mother from the treachers of the pack, her mate would likely die. Despite the monster he turned out to be, Dezenne's mother still loved him.
And that was that.
For four months, Dezenne survived on her own. She trained herself to fight and luckily, did not need to apply it to anything in her travels save for small game. She encountered no wolves.
Until she found her new pack

Mother - Draile (Likely Deceased)
Father - Cientine (Hopefully Deceased)
Sister - No name (Deceased since birth)
Siblings (six) - Unknown (Unknown)

Reference -

Roleplay Example -
Portia stumbled into yet another patch of dry, unusable space. She scoffed at the uselessness of the terrain, batting a rock several feet with her left paw. She licked her muzzle plaintively. The young femme could not remember the last time she had been granted a sip of water, or a bite to eat.

From her position on a large piece of stone, she peered across the pointed ridge to which her eyes were met with two conversing wolves. She blinked in disbelief, unsure how to react. They seem nice to eachother, so they must be sweet to such a darling pup. The young femme remaked mentally. A gust of wind brushed her fur uncomfortabley and a large shiver crawled over her petite frame, forcing her forward. She stumbled loudly down from her perch, letting out a small huff when the steep slope ceased. She got to her paws optimisticly, as she had somehow ended up sprawled out on her right flank.

The pup bounded toward the pair enthusiastically, her pale brown banner frantically pacing at the idea of company. At the last minute, she hesitated. She was sure the other wolves were aware of her presnece, so she wasn't able to change her mind, but she was worried they wouldn't be fond of her, like she felt her old pack had lacked. She didn't need a repeat of her "child hood". The lupa cleared her throat uncomfortably, her tail now stone still and steadily drooping.
Word Count - 245
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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:31 am

Welcome to the pack, apprentice! =D
I hope you enjoy yourself here, among our ranks.


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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:34 am

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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:20 am

She's so adorable! Welcome, officially.

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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:46 am

Welcome to the pack, Dez! :3

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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:43 am

Great character! Welcome to the pack!! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:45 am

Thanks for the welcomes Everyone :3 Can't wait to rp with you guys n.n
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PostSubject: Re: Dezenne   

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