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 Brochan Remedius

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PostSubject: Brochan Remedius    Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:05 am


Name: Brochan Remedius
Name Meaning: Broken Healer 
Age: Two and a half
Gender: Male. Lad. Boy-o. Dude.
Rank: Healer
Species: Part timber wolf, part arctic wolf

  Build and Coat: Neither large nor small, Brochan is completely average. His has solid legs and a solid body, although he doesn't appear bulky in the slightest. He has a very handsome, vaguely feline face. His coat is short and soft, and adds to his good looks. 
  Colors: Brochan's coat is technically white, although his body has a faint yellowish tint which darkens into cream on his ears. He has a silver marking on his shoulders, and charming brown eyes. 
  Scars: Brochan's life is too boring to get any dramatic scars, although he does have many small ones on his right front leg, mostly covered by his fur. These are intentional. 

  Outer Personality: Brochan has a bad attitude about most things, but mostly about other wolves being happy. Success, praise, romance, children, fun - all will usually leave him rolling his eyes in disdain. Although he doesn't complain much, the slightest inconvenience will leave him sullen, and he enjoys seeing his bad attitude be spread around. He alternates between resenting his job as a shaman and passionately loving it; whatever his mood, he can talk about the science of injuries or this/that herb until your ears bleed. When working or experimenting, he is professional but comforting. He prefers to snark around rather than actually make friends, and thus he's on the fringes of society often. 

  Inner Personality: Mention his leg and he'll become very cold toward you. Mention something fabulously athletic so-and-so did and he just might jump off a bridge. He lives in constant frustration because he isn't living the life he intended to live and he isn't able to keep up with other wolves. His self-esteem is abominable and he finds himself worthless despite his talents in medicine. He tends to push others away, lest they abandon him because of his handicap. He's aware that if only he could somehow change his outlook, his life would improve, but he's too wrapped up in the fact that he's crippled to care. 
  Although he's generally rather glum and moody, Brochan can have moments of intense emotion - usually despair, although rage and (violent) enthusiasm for something or someone. He wants to be happy - he's just too frustrated with life to know that he could be. 
  Habits: Brochan is an experimenter, especially in medicine. If he sees an unfamiliar plant, he will eat it, just to see what happens. He would never try out a new plant on a patient without their consent, but he will not hesitate to use an injured piece of prey or even his own leg as a test subject. 
  He has taught himself to lucid dream (with, um, assistance from whatever plant he'd eaten) and does so often, thus he hates being woken up. 
  He always eats last, because he's worthless and didn't do anything to help and whatnot. 
  He is also a dramatic sigher, a roller of eyes, and an incorrigible eyebrow-archer.
  He likes using big or made-up words to sound mysterious. 
  Likes:  Wolves who are interested in herbs, mint plants, slang, dreaming, and a good joke. 
  Dislikes: When others have something he doesn't - he's sick of it! Taunting in any form, bugs, not getting enough sleep, and prolonged periods without rain (those make him extra irritable. Oh no! The plants will die!) 
  Fears: Brochan's worst fear is that his shaman-ing won't be enough to keep him in the pack and nobody will ever love him and he'll be abandoned and die all alone! OH THE HORROR! He's also scared of getting close to people and assumes that most of them will abandon him if he gets even the slightest bit less useful. He doesn't want to have emotions because when he does, he tends to have very strong ones. 
 Strengths: Brochan knows his potatoes when it comes to herbs and injuries, and he'd enjoy it immensely were he not so distracted with wishing he could run around and hunt stuff. He's smart, he's professional, he genuinely cares about whoever he's treating at the moment, and he doesn't take anything personally unless it's meant to be taken personally. 
  He's also good-looking, if I didn't mention that already. 
 Weaknesses: His right front leg. Brochan was born with something - nerve problems, perhaps, or a missing joint - that keeps his leg at a stiff angle while he walks. He can only walk or shuffle and has no ability to jump, climb, or run. That leg can't hold much weight and often randomly collapses or starts shooting pain (something he's learned to manage with plants.)
 He's insecure and touchy about his handicap; he'll obsess about what his life would be like if he was "Whole" . He doesn't have any friends and wouldn't know how to make one. 
                           OTHER STUFF

 History: Brochan was born, and all was great. He was the handsomest, most favored child of the litter, and was given more love and attention than the rest of his already-spoiled siblings. 
  Very soon, however, something appeared off about the pup. He wouldn't develop like the others. By the time he had learned to stand and stumble about, the others were already tousling about. His right front leg was stiff, the ankle and elbow swollen and awkward. 
  His mother tried desperately to teach him to walk; by the time he was two months he was able to rest some weight on his leg and stumble around, and when he reached four months he could keep up with his family as long as they moved slowly enough. His good legs became strong enough to bear the weight that his bad leg couldn't handle. 
  Then one morning, his condition took a turn for the worst. They were heading out of their summer home, moving in a line along the rocky side of a ravine. Brochan's leg gave out, sending him flying over the side and into the shallow water at the bottom. Nothing was broken, fortunately, but instantly his nerves began to act up. He lost all feeling to touch, and shooting pains began running up and down the leg in addition to numbness.  The travelling exacerbated the pain until it became unbearable, and the parents had to make a choice: stop in the middle of nowhere, or leave their crippled child behind. They chose the latter.
  Brochan wandered around, his leg throbbing, trying in vain to follow his family. His voice became hoarse from screaming, and after a few days he gave up only to find that he was in the midst of another pack. This one was twice as large as his old one, and one of the members, an old healer named Ambali, took him on as her personal apprentice. Brochan learned the ways of medicine very quickly, and because of his natural talent (and their respect for his new "mother") the pack allowed him to stay. He grew into quite a handsome wolf, but as he could not hunt and only one healer was needed, they began to resent Brochan as soon as the food grew scarce.
  Brochan had just turned two on the spring morning that Ambali died. It had been a hard winter, and Ambali had insisted that the young healer was fed while two yearlings had lost their lives to hunger. With the old she-wolf gone, the pack didn't appoint Brochan as healer but instead wasted no time in violently casting him out of the pack. This was the second time he had been abandoned, and he swore that he would never be part of another one. Unfortunately, he soon learned that he couldn't hunt and thus couldn't live without a pack, and so... Well, here he is again. 
  Cassandra (mother, deceased)
  Elijah (father, alive) 
   Mary (sister, alive)
   Susan (sister, alive)
   Clarise (sister, alive) 
   Toby (brother, deceased) 
    Ambali (adopted mother, deceased) 
   Friends: Nope. No friends.
  Mate/Family: For some reason females find him off-putting.
  Described in seven words: Grouchy, laconic, insecure, depressed, talented, sarcastic, jealous

RP Example: 
 "Mommy, when can we stop?" Clarise's whining filled the air. Despite the fact that walking was much harder for Brochan, it was his sister who wouldn't shut up about how tired she was. "Mommy, it's hot. Why are we walking around in the middle of the day anyway?
  "We won't be much longer, dear." Clarise was mommy's new favorite. The two adults of the pack wasted no time in picking a new pup to be pampered after Brochan was deemed unsuitable. 
 But Brochan wasn't worried about who was the current golden child. He was watching the Black Twins - nicknamed for their matching coats and personalities - wrestle each other dangerously close to the edge of the ravine. Susan, the female twin, gave Toby, her male counterpart, a hefty shove with her hip, causing the latter go slide along the gravel; Brochan's heart caught in his throat as his brother's hind leg disappeared over the edge. Toby soon righted himself, however, and leaped clear over his sister. Brochan watched, impressed. His leg was getting stronger, and someday he knew he was going to jump too. The boy gave a little hop, wincing as he landed on his leg wrong and it twisted unnaturally. He kept walking, taking up his usual post in last place. 
 Suddenly, his foot crumpled beneath him. Yelping, he clawed at the unhelpful gravel as he stumbled, the fell onto his side. At first there was gravel, then nothing. 
 He had fallen over the edge. 
 (wordcount: 255)
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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:35 am

Great bio!!! Hope you get accepted and can't wait to rp with you! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:06 pm

He looks hilarious. Cannot wait to meet him. Good ol' Ricky will have fun with him Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:52 pm

Love your bio! Hope you get accepted!

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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:00 am

Yay, thanks everybody! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Brochan Remedius    

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Brochan Remedius
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