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PostSubject: Brillare    Sun May 05, 2013 7:33 am

Name: Brillare

Nickname: Brill

How you say it: Brill-our

Age: 3 and 1 month. She has just recently became an adult.

Voice: She has a deep, Italian Accent. It's smooth and rich, and not many wolves can actually understand, for she tends to switch from English to Italian when she speaks.

Rank Wanted: Shaman, if that is alright. I am aware there is already one...but It seems fun......

Fur: It is a soft, pure white color. It has patches of grey for the undercoat, and is fairly thick for protection. Except, when it's hot, that is a problem. It slows and over heat's poor Brillare's body. The fur on her ears however, seem to be a darker shade then her body. Instead of white...it's a creamy white.

Eye(s): Brillare's eyes are a silvery color. In the summer, they are silver, in the winter, they are blue. It's strange indeed, but she just happens to be an Arctic wolf, and all Arctic's wolves change due to seasons.

Built: Brillare is actually a pretty well sized she-wolf. She has long, elegant legs that take her far, and a wide chest. She's not bigger then males, nope! She's just pretty tall. Her tail is rather short, and the end is too, like her ears.

Personality: Brillare is rather quiet. She just...doesn't understand why she needs to talk. Wolves can read her body language. And besides, in her old pack, no one even listened to her, so why bother speaking if none will listen? Besides her not speaking, she's actually nice. She doesn't mind company, not even if the company happens to be a scavenger. Or a bear. But sometimes....Brillare just isn't in the mood. She doesn't tolerate many things. But besides ALL of that, Brillare is actually very playuful, and Optimistic.

Like(s): Pups, running, swimming, playing. Speaking in Italian.

Dis-like(s): When other wolves judge her. When they hear her speak in Italian...they jump right to conclusions that she's some what evil. She dislikes Rude, Un-grateful and selfish wolves.

History: Brillare won't even talk about it. It's private, and not for other's ears.

Scar(s): Brillare, surprisingly, has none!

Mate: Her mate died along with her pup, Sara.

Pup(s): She had one...but the poor thing died....

Adoptive Pup: Stella

Mother: Accalia: Dead

Father: Seraek: Un-known

Brother: Falco: Dead

Mate: Fenris: Dead

Pup: Sara: Died

Photo of Brillare:

Friend(s): None

Pack: None so far

Rp example:
A white she-wolf slept peacefully, dreaming about her new family, and her pack. But all to soon, it was disrupted. There was a cry of agony, a fearsome growl, a pitiful whine, and then there was nothing but silence. Brillare lifted her head, blinking rapidly, clearing away sleep. She didn't know what had awoken her, but it didn't seem right. Her pack should be here. Her father, mother Brother...her Mate and Pup. Speaking of pup...Brillare looked down, where she had left her beloved bundle. But Sara was no where to be found. The white she-wolf sprang up, her eyes skirting around for her little girl.

A lone figure stood on a a ridge, his white fur stained crimson. He stumbled this way and that, but  soon fell. He let out a small, sad whine. He failed her. He failed his pup and his mate. When Brillare found out...how could she ever forgive him? He let the pup wander off. Fenris let out a cry, lifting his paw and laying it on his muzzle. Figures sprouted into his mind....Accalia lunging at the bear ....Falco falling into the depths of the lake, sinking...Seraek running away. That coward! . And the worst of all...Baby Sara. Baby Sara was swept up by the Young male bear and eaten....Fenris couldn't take it. He stopped fighting the blackness and let it sweep over him. And then....everything was still.

Brillare wandered around, following the blood splatters that soon lead to her to the remains of her Mother..and Mate. Her brother's, Father's and Pup's bodies, however happened to be no where. She smelled them...but their scents were old and lead to nowhere. With a cry, Brillare curled up with mate, and softly cried. "Perché io? Di tutti i lupi del mondo .. Perché a me?" screamed Brillare, as she lifted her muzzle to the sky. It was dark, and no stars were out. Brillare couldn't stay here forever. So, she did what any wolves would do. She howled the full moon, and left, never turning back.

* Perché io? Di tutti i lupi del mondo .. Perché a me? Means: Why me? Of all the wolves in the world..why me? In Italian! *
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PostSubject: Re: Brillare    Sun May 05, 2013 11:07 am

Welcome to the pack!!
Its very interesting to see your character is Italian. I guess that gives us an even more diverse roleplay, ahah.


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PostSubject: Re: Brillare    Sun May 05, 2013 10:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Brillare    Mon May 06, 2013 6:01 am

Welcome to Silenced, Brillare!

Just a warning, Twi might not get along with her XD Can't wait to meet you in RP!
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Wolf Infomation
Breed?: Arctic Wolf
Crush?: Aha, wouldn't you like to know!
Mate?: I'm not really looking......

PostSubject: Re: Brillare    Wed May 08, 2013 10:30 am

Hahahaha thank you everyone! Can;t wait to meet you in Rp! And Lol, Okay Twilight!

This isn't fair? Ha, well don't go blame this on me! My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me! 
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PostSubject: Re: Brillare    

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