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 Imogen Stewart

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Wolf Infomation
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PostSubject: Imogen Stewart    Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:01 am

I m o g  e n
Name ● Imogen Stewart
Nickname ● Imo, Gen
First Name Origin ● Decided by parents
Last Name Origin ● Inherited
Preferred Name ● Imogen
Gender ● Gender
Breed ● Artic Wolf
Scientific Name ●  Canis lupus arctos
Current Pack ● Silenced
Past Pack ● None
Hourglass ● 1 year 6 months
Birth Date ● 13th September
Birth Time ● 7:32 Am
Litter ● Single pup
Birth Place ● Ruins of Redvale
Zodiac sign ● Libra
Voice ● Kristie Steele (actress)
First Language ● English
Second Language ● none
Accent ● Scottish
L o o k s
At first glance one will see a sterling example of a Artic wolf demonstrated in Imogen. Her pelt, a dense and insulating coat that shrouds her entire is long soft to the touch, its nature such that it masks her physical outline and gives the impression that she is exceptionally fluffy. When met with Imogen it is easy to consider her a pure white wolf however those who are more observant with notice the flecks of back and grey that speckle her back, clustering around the tops of her shoulder blades. These minute markings scarcely are noticeable, most buried within the depth of her otherwise unbroken ivory fur never being more than a half a centimetre in diameter. One will also notice the patch of grey just above her nose and freckles of the same hue under her muzzle. It should also be noted that when her fur is wet or in the right light it takes on a creamy taint.
When looking more closely at her face one can see her heritage illustrated across her features. Her well rounded eyes are hazel at there outermost edges and they lighten to a warming and more stereotypical amber at the centre. Her muzzle marginally shorter in lenght is well rounded at the end giving way to the sharp line of her upper jaw. Her nose large and pure black in colour is firmly placed atop her muzzle. All of this connects smoothly to her skull before giving way to her fur which flicks outwards from her cheeks and outlines her entire face, her ears sitting atop her entire cranium outlined by fur once again and usually pricked to attention.
Notably it is hard to see what Imogen's build is like beneath her dense fur however one would find she possessed the capabilities of an all rounder. Though small and compact, still growing at her age she manages to maintain a certain elegance. Her legs short but angular allowing for flowing gaits and her paws large for easy snow travel. This lends itself to allowing the female an abundance of stamina  when moving at a walk, trot or lope and allowing for short bursts of sprints. Her shoulder and neck compact and sturdy though lacking any real muscle at this time as that is to develop with age.

What is unusual about Imogen is that even in her youth she has many scars to tell the tale of her past. About the left side of her neck the most noticeable of these leaves her fur shorter and regrown in a scruffy manner. Stretching down from the underside of her muzzle to just reach her shoulder blade the burn has left her skin rouge and caused her fur to regrow oddly. Other scars comprise of nicks and cut, some noticeable and some not scattered across her frame however none hold as much significance as the one on her neck. 
P e r s o n a
When met with Imogen you will see her overall well balanced nature, mentally she is a stable wolf and is notably down to earth in most situations. Friendly to those she meets and interested in sparking conversation she can be viewed as friendly as well as a talkative wolf. Like most young wolves she is open to play and games and can be just as energetic and joyful as she can cool, calm and collected. She'll remain quite and sometimes will seem to be in a world of her own, but in fact she though she may seem distant she is usually imminently present and really taking everything else in, at other times she will be fully engaged and really into a conversation and her excitement through such things near enough always demonstrated through a change in her voice such as speaking a little quicker.

It would be hard for an outsider to find out about her little secret, that being that the she wolf is deaf. She has long since learned to deal with this set back, managing well in a world without sound by learning how to lip read as a pup. She doesn't openly tell anyone about this and the only tell tale sign is that has to watch others wolves muzzle as the  speak so that she can see what saying as if the words are physical things. It could be considered that someone finding out about her lack of hearing is her fear, for she is aware of how people could use it against her.
H i s t o r y

It all started well for the she-wolf, but then if truth be told there are very rarely any stresses for a new-born pup. It was Imogen's Mother's first litter, and at that time she was still young for a parent - hence why Imogen was only pup born. It was late one night in the outskirts of a city, and under the stars and the light of moon a pup was born, the air was silent and a pleasant cooling breeze ruffled the parent’s fur as she nuzzled the new-born. A pup that would be named Imogen. Taste, touch and smell were what greeted the pup, the taste of milk, the warming touch of her mother’s fur against her own and the smell she would always associate as family. Sight was soon to welcome her too, and a mesmerizing world of bright lights and metallic structures was forever burned within her memory, and that landscape was the one she would learn to call home. A hap-hazard shelter under a metal shaft served as a den and the surround suburbia served as there realm. A mother and a pup alone...

There are of course 3 things wrong with that scene. The first being that no father figure ever showed up in the young wolves life, no male to watch over and protect the vulnerable mother and pup. Imogen never questioned this as it was a part of her mother’s story that she never spoke off, but she always wondered what had become of the male who shared her DNA. Imogen's mother had been a rouge most of her life, meaning that even now as a family there would only ever be the two of them.
Next, you may be asking why the young family resided in the city, a scrap yard to be precise. Well, shelter is shelter and food is food, and the wondering mother could do no better then find a safe place to birth her pup when the time came. Away from other packs but with food within easy reach the scrap yard was the best possible place. Lastly; there is a lack of mention to hearing, and that's because Imogen is deaf. She simply never gained hearing, most likely because of her parents over exposure to the fumes of the city throughout pregnancy. While all her other senses developed just fine she never heard a single sound, a fact that saddened both the pup and the mother. But a single pup was a precious gift for the she-wolf, and despite every disadvantage her offspring would face she loved her and would continue to support her for all of her life.

Pup hood was a happy affair for Imogen, as her mother and herself had a friendly relationship and both loved each other very much. The land they had made their own had a plentiful, if unnatural food supply from which the family thrived on. Through these early months Imogen learned one of the most important skills she would need in life, and that was how to lip-read, hours spent with her mother talking to her taught her how to read the lips of another through the shapes they made with the mawl, the emotions they showed as well as using a little common sense.

She progressed into a yearling where she became a curious individual, often leaving the den for hours on end to explore the ruins that surrounded her patch. At first the towering metal structures were threatening and each shadow brought its own wave of fear for the femme. But, she soon learned to trust the world around her, exploring further each day and becoming comfortable with the terrain. She even managed to make friends with other stray wolves of a similar age who also made the ruins their homes. Each one never knowing the truth about her deafness, for she never found the need to tell them, she could fit in with them despite her disability.

There was one wolf though who was different from all her other friends, a wolf she loved. His name was Connor. The male in questioned was one that Imogen trusted immensely, the relationship growing until both shared the dame deep love for each other. Everything seemed perfect for the two young wolves, two young wolves who both held their secrets. For Connors family were unsporting of the young male, a wrath of secrets spinning a web throughout his life and Imogen who had yet to reveal the truth of her hearing. But soon the day was to come when all would be revealed, and Imogen was too meet Connor's family, or more specifically his mother, as like herself Connor's father was out of the picture. Connors Mother was a bitter wolf, with aggression written into her every action and frequent mood swings, and it was Connor who took the brunt of the aggression. While most would be put off by this Imogen only fell in love more with the male, sympathising with his sad and hate filled childhood. She accepted him the way he was. Shortly after the time came for Imogen to tell the truth about herself, and when she did so it made little difference. The male was of course confused at first by how the she-wolf had survived, and by how he had failed to notice such a life changing thing. In time he accepted her too.

With secrets out of the way what could go wrong? Both wolves knew they were in love, and even at the early age new they would spend their lives with each other, forever. But nothing lasts forever, nothing perfect at least... A day came when the two wolves were exploring together, examine an abandoned structure where fires still burned furiously. The raging flames fascinated the two wolves, the beauty that was withheld by such a powerful force, but there was always going to be somebody looking to spoil their fun, can you guess who it is yet? The silence of the nightfall was unbroken albeit for the crackling of flame and the soft breathing of two wolves in unison. No one would have predicted what happened next... Connor's Mother showed up, a mood swing causing rage deep in her soul at seeing two young wolves so in love, while she was left looking after a pup alone due to her mates lack of loyalty.

Imogen doesn't remember much of what happened next, but the story is still one that should be told... Connor's mother directed anger at both the young wolves, though Connor took the brunt away from Imogen while verbal abuse was yelled between the two, the mother out of control with rage and the son lost to the anger of how his mother could control his life in such a way. Words turned into actions and swipe after swipe was dodged and deflected as the pair thought, Imogen a wolf never experienced in combat staying wisely out of the action, but it only took one mistake. The battle had gone on top long, and Connors patience was wearing thin, he was about to take action that would change his world forever. It was unknown the true intentions of his actions, though it's easy to make a guess that he was trying to kill his life wrecking mother. The fight had moved so that both wolves had scaled the vast piles of rubble, using the height to their advantage. And that's when Connor made what would have been a strategically brilliant move, if things had gone to plan. The brute, strong in build threw his weight against a giant concrete slab which began to tumble down from their raised platform, slamming into the violent she-wolf in the process and injuring her, the founds not fatal, a broken leg at that, but enough to end the war between the two. But, with gravity fully taken effect the weapon continued to fall unhampered to the building floor below, where Imogen remained hidden away from the blood feud completely unaware of who everything was going to change.

Smash! The bolder slammed to earth and the material around it flew in all directions away from its path, and it just so happened that part of the rubble was being used as shelter by a certain cowering she-wolf at the time. The force of the concrete colliding with the she-wolf knocked her out instantly, slamming into her by then limp body which was thrown into the flames of the spreading fire. She didn't know how long she had been unconscious for when she woke up eventually on one freezing winters night, the bitter air around her nipped through her long coat to send chills though her skin, a wound on her neck burning with pain. She could never remember what happened, only left to piece together what had happened from the broken bones in her body and the scaring wound on her neck.

From then on a story of lies were woven into Imogen's life, that by a violent she-wolf being changed by a near death experience. Neither Connor nor his mother were murders, angry maybe, but not killers, and the fact that life had nearly been taking by their silly feuds changed their ways, as they both worked for the first time. Together they had taken Imogen home safely while she had been unconscious, a good natured act until Connor's mum starting spewing out lies. The she-wolf let herself take the blame getting Connor of the hook, a decision that would make her despised and the male riddled with guilt.

Imogen's physical wound healed, albeit for scars that would remain with her for life the metal ones would not. Wolves would stare when she passed by and talk about her behind her back. She developed the first real enemy she had ever encountered, Connors Mother, and develop a deep rooted hatred for the she-wolf, only deepened by the way that the she-wolf seemed to not acknowledge what she had done fully, her story distorted and shifting. But the real change was in Connor, at first she was saddened and angered by how the male didn't want anything to do with her since her scar, and she worried he was put off by the way her look were changed by the mangled skin. How could he not understand that it was the same her underneath, the same Imogen who loved him. It soon became evident that there was more wrong with the male though, as even the site of his lover seemed to pain him so much so that he shut himself away from the world, depressed.

The rest of the world seemed to move on, though it took painful moths to get there. Connors mum had made her forced apologies and the unwanted attention had died down, everything would have been back to normal if it wasn't for the guilty male. Imogen made frequent attempts to try to talk to him, but each time he refused her company while guilt ate away at his conscience...
Until the day the real truth was told

At long last Connor agreed to meet up with Imogen, going to a quiet space where both the two had first met, and that's where he told her the trust. The truth of how it was his fault for her injuries, her pain and her scars, of how he's let his mother take all the blame and why he had refused to see her because of his own guilt. He expected is confession and apology to make it all better, that the young couple could pretend nothing had happened and that they could just move on... but they could the ivory wolf forgive the male who ruined her life? Imogen refused to accept the male again, appalled at what he's done and with her trust in him shattered. But how could she deny him for long, she loved him after all, so she gave him one chance, and offer per-say. "Tell the truth to our friends and family or I'll tell it for you. It's your choice to make, stay a liar or be honest." so that's just what he did.

Only hours later the male walked into the main cluster of wolves, friends mostly, and made an the announcement that he was indeed the wolf to blame for Imogen's pain and scars. News that shocked the society and travelled quickly throughout the ruins to anyone who new or cared. Connor had done what she's asked, by things would still never be the same again. She agreed to be on friendly terms with the male but there relationship was over.

From then on the tables were turned and it was the male trying to win Imogen back, and although at heart she still loved his she was unwilling to place trust in a male who had broken it before. Stuck in the middle of a male who she still loved dearly and the family and friends who hated him on her behalf. Her mother included in that, as through the years she'd never seized to love her mum, and her disapproving glace at even the mention of the two wolves together was enough to pull at the young wolves hearts. She had to do something soon before all hope of happiness with the male would be lost, but it seemed others got there first.

There was news spreading around, news that Imogen was meant to be kept away from. A gang had formed with a vice against Connor, they thought they'd be doing the she-wolf a favour by lets say "Getting rid" of him, or at least scaring the male away for good. She'd heard rumour that their plan would be coming into action one night, but by that point it was almost too late, they were miles away from anywhere and Imogen was just one wolf. But hey, anything for love?

By the time Imogen reached the group she feared it was too late, a mob of wolves circled while she a single small she-wolf stood out of breath. Like I said, worth a try... They were stopped by a shout and the mob froze, each one turning to look at her, each one a wolf who had been her friend. Their turning opened gap in the circle to reveal the wolf in the middle laying on the ground bloodied, dead? No, a feeble lifting of his head to look at her confirmed that. The group exchanged words, they thought they'd been doing what was best, but a snarl from Imogen sent them scarpering, they'd done wrong.

By the time the group had dispersed Connor was already walking away, and all that was left was for Imogen to trot over and win him back. "Connor?" the male turned to look at her, such deep sadness in his usually warm orbs "Imogen" a pause where neither wolf talked, just glancing into each other’s eyes before he spoke softly again. “I can’t keep doing this, I’ve said sorry but it’s never enough. I would have let them kill me if it made the difference…” With that he turned to walk away, head hung and Imogen staring after watching half of her life simply give up and leave.

You were hoping for a happy outcome right? I’ll try not to disappoint then. It was a simple choice to make when you ignore the logic and look to the heart, when you forget about the pain and suffering of the past and see the love that two young wolves held for each other. Connor had done wrong, there was no doubt about that, but seeing how he was effected by it made all the difference. He knew he’d made the worst mistake of his life and kept on paying for again and again because in truth all it was was a mistake, one that he could never take back.

On that day the ivory lupa ran after her lover, after all they’d gone through she would never let him simply leave. With her eyes meeting his, the silence spoke louder than any words could. She loved him, he loved her, wasn’t it obvious? If wolves could kiss in the same sense as humans could it would be simple enough to say that’s what they did. Denied of each other’s contact for so long, but the simple touching of snowy fur against the males own ebon derma was familiarity that neither could turn away. The words in hushed tones spoken between embraces, words that said “I love you”

Happily ever after? You know better by now don’t you? There’s no such thing.
For too long both wolves hid their newly affirmed relationship from the parents, knowing that they were both disobeying their wishes by simply seeing each other. But what have we learned from the past, Hmm? lying gets you know where. No secrets can be kept forever, and the day where both parents found out together that their children were both seeing each other still is a prime example. The looks of betrayal they both showed were enough to make the pair want to run away, not that they had a choice because they were shortly exiled for their decision.

So, why aren’t the two mates still together I hear you ask, patience young one. There was a day when the male fell ill, both wolves had been struggling to survive in the real world, with no skills of hunting or defending themselves it didn’t take long until they were both wasting away, starving and dehydrated. They had no other option but to venture back home, to take a risk and see if their old friends would help them. The society of wolves weren’t pleased to see the young outcasts return, but could they deny their own family. They chose to accept the male and help him while he recovered, but on one condition, that Imogen could not stay with him. She had the ultimatum –
1) Stay with her mate and watch him die or
2) Leave him and know that he would heal
So she left and told Connor that she would travel west to the better lands where she knew a pack had formed, she would join the pack and settle down, and that when he was better he would travel to join her and the pack, and together they’d get their happy ever after…
R e l a t i o n s
Family Tree ● click pls
Siblings ● none
Parents ● Sally & Tony
Heart holder ● Conner

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PostSubject: Re: Imogen Stewart    Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:31 am

Ha! You've brought in a young!. Her relationship with Rhamin should be interesting. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Imogen Stewart    Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:58 am

Ah, why thank you Titan, I'm sure this relationship will be an interesting one C;
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PostSubject: Re: Imogen Stewart    

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Imogen Stewart
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