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 RP Guide

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PostSubject: RP Guide   Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:16 am

This is a simple guide as to what to do in RP and will hopefully clarify some of the rules, If you feel anything is missing from this or that any of the facts are incorrect please leave a message. Note = I will refer to a made-up wolves called Martin and Sally (because there are few wolves with these names) throughout the examples
3rd person –

Third person means you're writing about someone, in this case your wolf as if you're narrating what they did.
The wolf walked into the clearing
Sally walked into the clearing
In this example the author wrote about what the wolf/Sally did, not about what they did
I walked into the clearing
This is incorrect as the author is talking about what they did, as if it was actually them doing the actions
Past tense –

Express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past. The event will have already happened
The wolf ate some food
The wolf had something to eat
These examples are talking about something the wolf has already done, making this correct past tense
The wolf eats some food
The wolf has something to eat
This is incorrect as it is talking about something the wolf is still doing
God-mode -

Simply put you cannot have your wolf make an instant kill or be immortal to any/all injuries. Not everything will always go perfectly in your wolf’s life, just like in real life.
In a fight =
The wolf leaped forward in attempt to bite Sally, and Sally tried to dodge. Unfortunately Sally wasn’t quick enough and the teeth of the other wolf skimmed her shoulder
The wolf tried to bite Sally but she dodged out of its way quickly, allowing her to bite the other wolf instead.
The first example shows the Sally is not immortal. The second example however shows Sally making a successful move to escape; this is acceptable unless over used. Try to use no more than 3 successful dodges during a fight
In a hunt =
Martin leaped up and the deer and clung onto it’s back, however the deer swerved and he was unable to cling on. After falling to the ground Martin struggled back to his paws and resumed the chase
Martin leaped at the prey and clung onto its back, with one swift movement he sunk his teeth into the deer’s neck and killed it.
In the first example we see that Martin is not invincible, helping make the RP more realistic. In the second example however Martin makes the perfect kill. This is very unlikely as rarely if ever do wolves make an instant kill of larger prey. Feel free to drag out a hunt into lots of attempts as this makes it more realistic as well as allowing for more RP.
Power-Play -

This means you are not allowed to take control of another wolf’s actions, thought, speech or emotions
Sally walked into the den, she didn’t think anyone had noticed her presence yet, she barked “Hello”
In this example Sally allows the other wolves to decide what they want to do, this post could be followed up by “A wolf sneaked into the den and barked ‘Hello’ catching Martin by surprise”
Sally wondered into the den and barked “Hello” taking the others by surprise
In this Example Sally does not allow the wolves at the den to choose their own emotions, since she takes control of them herself
Inappropriate content –

We ask that you limit gore to descriptive purposes and that if it is birthing/mating season you do not post the actual birthing/mating.
The wolf sunk his fangs into the deer, letting the metallic taste of blood run over his ivories as his razor sharp incisors tore through flesh
This is an acceptable amount of gore and allows for a good description
*fades to black*
* Excluded*
All are acceptable get-arounds instead of posting the actual birthing/mating process
Realistic –

Keep things realistic. This includes how a wolf would act, sound, etc in the real world. A wolf is not able to use it paws to carry things or understand the concepts Television. However, we make exceptions when it comes to emotions, such as a crying wolf. Wolves in real life don't cry with tears but, in the RP we'll see it as OK.
Martin ran over to the injured wolf and quickly found a painkilling plant. He grabbed a leaf in his jaws and gave it to the wolf to eat
In this example every action would be physically possible for a real wolf to do
Sally was sad to see her friend leave the pack, a single tear streaked down her furry check before dropping to the ground
In RP we’d see this as acceptable as it demonstrates an emotion
Martin ran over to help the injured wolf, grabbing a leaf with his paws and wrapping it around the wound.
This is not acceptable as it shows an unrealistic action, a wolf is unable to use its paws to grab or hold things, let alone make a bandage
OOC Knowledge -

This means using out-of-character knowledge while in-character. An exception would be that the information the person is implying is easily assumed.
If a person has been told of a plot line, such as a wolf fancying another outside of RP (usually in the chat box) and then refers to it in RP. This wouldn’t be possible unless they had actually had found out in RP.
Acceptable References –

We ask that you keep your avatar and references realistic as this allows us to quickly and easily see what your wolf is like (The following pictures are sourced from Google images and I take no credit for them)

These examples are actual picture and are acceptable. They make it easy to see what the wolf really looks like

These examples do not depict real wolves, so would not be accepted
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RP Guide
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