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 Joining App

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PostSubject: Joining App   Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:47 pm

Have you created an account yet: Yes ma'am. c:
Wolf name: Talue
Wolf Gender: Male
Wolf Age: 5 Years
Wolf appearance: Consisting of many different browns, tans, blacks and even whites, he looks to be a fine mix of every color in a winter forest. His most dominant pelt color is a light reddish brown coloring, that fades into light greys and blacks towards his back and forehead, the color also occupying most of his tail. Further down his body, closer to his legs and belly, the brown fades into tans and whites, making his paws nearly a snowy white coloring. His eyes are a light amber color that either looks dull or bright depending on the lighting around him.
Wolf Personality: Talue is a generally social and outgoing kind of wolf, only withdrawing into himself when he is hurt or in a brooding sort of mood. He loves the company of others and enjoys helping out, oftentimes stepping in where he isn't even needed for the sake of keeping good company and having something to keep his paws busy. However, because of this, he also tends to get himself into situations where he is most certainly not welcome, and so leads to conflict or increases any current tensions to the point where they become violent or turn themselves around on him. If this is the case, he will generally let himself snap and turn violent himself, hardly ever taking a chance to talk his way through things.

Oftentimes, when it comes to his expressions of rage, he takes out the majority of his anger on objects, such as hitting his head against a tree or ripping up grass with his teeth. He can hold a grudge for a long time afterwards, and a lot of little things can and will set him off, but he does calm down the fastest after a steady fit, and once calm he can be found being close to normal once more, if not a bit antsy.
Desired Rank: Scout ^^
Activeness [1 - 10]: I say around an 8, most likely.
How confident are you with writing 200 word min posts?: Very
Secret answer: Is this it
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Wolf Infomation
Breed?: European Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Joining App   Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:14 am

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Joining App
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