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PostSubject: Emersun    Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:11 am


Name: Emersun
Nickname: Em, Emer, Sun
Age: Emersun is around 14 weeks of age.
Rank: Juvenile.
Mate: She's just a pup!
Pups: She's not old enough to have pups.
Crush: Nope!
Gender: Female


Emersun isn't really..like other pups her age. She likes to play and run, but she doesn't really smile, and isn't the most talkative. She used to be, but not really, anymore. She kind, loving, and sweet.

She tends to just...watch wolves. Instead of talking to them. That's how she learns. By watching. She takes in their flaws, overall personality, their everything really.

Now, for the other side of Em. When Emersun is bugger or upset, she lashes out. She can't hold her sharp tongue, nor her rude comments. But besides all of that, Em is an open book. You just have to be patient with her, and you'll discover something beautiful. Emersun's love.

Like(s): She likes, quiet, peaceful places, taking naps, sleeping in the shade, observing things and others.

Dislike(s): When someone wakes Em up, when she doesn't want to awoken, that's when the hateful comments slip from her tongue.

Fear(s): Emersun has a fear of being left behind. She doesn't know why, really. It's just..whenever someone she has started to care for, leaves, it doesn't matter if they were just getting up to talk to someone else, Em is afraid that they'll leave her forever.

She also has a deep fear of water. If it's shallow, that 'Kind' of alright, but if it's deep, don't expect this pup to anywhere near it.


Pelt: Emersun's coat has only two main colors. Black, and brown.
Her natural coat is black, as a newborn, it was jet-black, but as the pup got older, her coat became lighter, and brown  patches here and there appeared. Em's coat is fairly thick, and soft. Though, around her leg area, the fur isn't really the softest. The fur is scruffy and prickly.

Eye(s): Em's eyes a deep, dark chestnut brown. And that's it. They don't have any other special color. They're just...brown.

Build and Extra:

Emersun isn't bulky, she's actually kind of scrawny. She has long, slender legs, and her fur makes her look like she has muscle. But she doesn't. Not really. Her ears are long and triangle shaped. Her muzzle is kind of wide, but that doesn't  really make her look anything less then a wolf.

Scar(s): Emersun has a few scars. The most you could see that aren't hidden away beneath her heavy pelt, are the ones of her left front and back legs. They aren't really visible, but if you got close enough you'd see em.


Emersun's history is private. You can ask her, but I reassure you, she'll change the subject quicker then you could ever have imagined.


Emersun has a small family, her pack built only of Family Members.

Caleb: Father: Unknown
Maria: Mother: Unknown
Hige: Brother: Unknown
Cellin: Brother: Unknown
Elizabeth: Aunt: Unknown
Carter: Uncle: Unknown
Max: Cousin: Unknown
Carl: Grandpa: Dead
Breeze:Grandmother: Dead

Photo of my Charrie:

Rp example!:

"Come on! I'll race ya!" Hige yipped, twirling around his sister, who was attempting to sleep. It was just the beginning of morning, the Adults still asleep. "No, Hige. I'm to-OUCH! Hige!" She had began to speak to her brother, when he grabbed her ear roughly.

Getting upset, she jumped to her feet and charged her brother, both falling down and tumbling. She tried to latch onto the male with her teeth, but he was just to strong, and wiggled out of her grasp and grabbed her ears, tail, scruff, and always managed her jump away from her when she tried to bite him back.

"Hige, stop!" She cried out, as her brother bounced at her, knocking her over.

"Then come play with me!" He responded, nudging her to her feet, and circling Emersun. "I am playing." She protested, glaring at him. They looked nothing alike, yet they were practically born at the same time. He had Grey, black pelt, with clear, blue eyes.  Emersun on the other hand, wasn't like him at all. She had a light, black/brown pelt, with chestnut brown eyes.

"No, come with me. To the lake." He whispered, looking back an at the den, were their Mother was stirring. Fear gripped Emersun's hear. "We can't! You know the rules!" She hissed, shaking her pelt free from dirt.

"Exactly. Don't you ever wanna be rebellious for once?" He asked, backing away and into the trees. "Come on!" He whisper/yelled, and turned to go.

Emersun thought about it. She had always done what her Mother and Elders told her to do, so it would..feel good, to be rebellious for once.  Looking back, she saw her mother lift her head, but Em was already gone. Running through the trees, she easily caught up with her Brother. He may have the strength, but she had the speed. "Decided to come along, eh?" He said, laughing softly. "It wouldn't hurt anyone." She replied back, sharing a smile with her brother.

Word Count: 340

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PostSubject: Re: Emersun    Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:05 am

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