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PostSubject: Calla    Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:07 pm

Basics -

Name: Calla

Nickname: Lily, Call. (If you know anything about flowers, then you'd know why her nickname is Lily:p)

Age: 12 weeks of age.

Gender: Female

Pups: None!

Mate: She doesn't understand love. And she's  to young!

Pack: I thought there was only one...

Rank: Um, since my charrie is only 12 weeks, I guess she'll be a  Juvenile.

Sexual Orientation: She's pan-sexual...Or she will be when she's older. Like I said before, she doesn't really understand love.

Breed: Mexican Grey Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)

Appearance -

Fur/Eyes/Build/Etc.:  Calla's fur is a pelt with many colors. In it holds Grey, brown, black and white. It's fluffy, scruffy, and soft. It pretty thin if I may say so, and hugs the pup's body, almost like a blanket.  At some parts, like near her rear end and tail, the fur is spiky.  Her eyes. Now Calla's eyes are said to be green, but they are not just any green. They're a Moss green, that hold a darker color of green that outlines the pupil of her eyes. When Calla gets older, her fur will be longer then it is now, but like it always has, it still hugs her body. This pup isn't the toughest thing you'll ever see. She has a small, slender body, with long, bony legs.  She has a few scars. Some on her flank, some on her neck, and belly.

Persona -
Calla is a sweet heart.  She like's everything. (Notice I didn't say "Love"!!!) and talks, A lot. She can't help but talk. Even when it's a bad time, she just blabbers away. She loves to..feel wanted. And like she belongs. She's very sensitive. A harsh or sharp tongue directed towards her seems to break Calla's heart. The pup loves to play and snuggle. She knows this world can be  dark and cold, but that doesn't stop her from trying to make everyone's days.Then, Calla is a bit strange ...she's drawn to, well strange and odd things.

Like(s): Calla loves to chew things. Thing(s): Ears, Tails, Fur, Sticks, Bugs, Flowers,
Grass. You get it. She loves to smile, talk, snuggling, playing, and most of all, being Wanted.

Dislike(s): A sharp tongue. Calla's doesn't like being yelled at, at all Even if the harsh  voice isn't directed towards the little creature, she doesn't like it. . Nor does she like to be scolded, pushed around, or snapped at. She dislikes females. Weird? Well, if you went through what she went through, you'd understand.  

Fear(s): Females, Dying, Harsh tones. And many more things.

History -
Calla's History. *sigh* She doesn't like speaking about it. (It'll be revealed in Rp, and maybe in the Rp example.)

Relations -
Mother: Cleo: Unknown
Father: Marcus: Dead
Nix: Sister: Unknown
Hummer: Brother: Unknown
Katie: Sister: Unknown.
Kar: Brother:Unknown

A photographic reference of Calla:


As an Adult:

200 word min RP example:

"I don't want her!" She screamed, her eyes watery. Like she was the victim.
Calla hid behind her Father's legs, sniffling as her Mother tried to explain why she had done what she did. She tried to kill her. She tried to kill her Lily. Her littlest pup, Calla.
"Why? Why just Calla?" Marcus asked, a little growl in his deep voice. I was wondering the same thing Daddy! Calla said, but not aloud. Just in her head.
Earlier, Calla was outside, playing with her old Sibling. When all of a sudden, a shadow cast over them. Looking up, Calla was nose to nose with her mother. A female with a similar coat to Calla. Narrowing her eyes, Calla's mother picked her up by her scruff, and swung herself around, not afraid of being rough with the small pup.Letting out a scream of pain, Calla began to cry. It hurt just that bad. But her Mother didn't stop. She dropped Calla roughly, and began biting her, tearing fur out and nipping the skin. "MOM STOP!" Cried Kar, the most look alike of Calla. "Hush!" Mother hissed, and she shoved Calla, sending her skidding a few feet and rolling into a prickly bush. Thorns attached themselves to Calla's fur, cutting her. Trembling, Calla watched as her mother's teeth latched onto the pup's fur neck, and felt it began to tear. And then, something shoved Mother backwards, and Calla looked up to see her Father's handsome white coat, snarling at her Mother.
And now they were here. Her mother was acting as if Calla was the one to blame. But she wasn't. It wasn't her fault she was born. It wasn't her fault she was to weak, and wasn't good enough to be her Mother's child. "She's....different..." Cleo said, and tucked her long, swooshy tail in between her legs. "Is that it? Our daughter's different. Which makes you want to kill her?" Father asked, his tone changing and something else was in it. Which Calla knew. It was disgust. Her father was always kind to Calla. He cared for her, even if she was a runt. "You know the Law, Marcus! The weak were not intended to be in this pack. In this world!" Screamed Cleo, Sadness dissolving and Anger taking in. But Father didn't care. He took Calla outside, and presented her to the Grand Alpha. Asking for wisdom. And Justice. But the alpha told Marcus that Cleo was right. Weakness was not allowed. And that Cleo was simply putting Cleo out of her suffering. Marcus was deeply upset. And then, the Deputy, Charles, gave Marcus two choices. Kill the pup, or banish it. But Calla's father wasn't going to have it. Gently picking up the still trembling Calla, he excused himself and left.
He wouldn't stay there, and live with the fact that his pack killed the innocent because of their difference.
"Daddy?" Asked Calla, walking in the cold, tall grass, right next to her Father. "Yes Lily?" He replied, turning his sky blue eyes to Calla. He used her nickname so many had called her. Lily. And I suppose they called her that because "Calla" was a flower. A very pretty flower. "Are you alright?" She asked softly, watching a cricket hop from a big leaf and into the tall grass. But Marcus never answered. He just gave his little daughter a tight lipped smile and led her into a meadow. Falling asleep, Calla felt her Father shift beside her, and then there was nothing. She was asleep. Dreaming. And when she awoke, her father was not there. But there was a pool of blood. And then...there was howls. Victory howls. The howls signaling wolves had taken out a Rival. Somehow, Calla knew it had to do something with her Father. Getting up, she ran. She ran fast, and soon, the howls stopped as if they had never really been there.

(This is more then 200 words. But I hope that's okay.)
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PostSubject: Re: Calla    Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:05 pm

I LOVE your bio! Hope you get accepted!

❍❍❍❍❍thε ωοlf ωhο lιυεs❍❍❍❍❍
❍❍❍βϒ thε lιght οf thε mοοη❍❍❍

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PostSubject: Re: Calla    Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:07 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Calla    Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:50 am

Welcome to the pack, Calla. c: Fantastic biography, by the way.
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PostSubject: Re: Calla    Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:03 pm

Lily! Welcome to the pack! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Calla    

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