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Wolf Infomation
Breed?: Eastern Wolf
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PostSubject: Avari   Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:04 am

Name: Avari
Age: 3 years
Breed: Eastern Wolf
Gender: Male

Tone of voice: His tone is mostly clear and his voice is about a middle-range for a male. However, he does have quite a nasty growl when angry.
Desired rank: Slayer (Rival Pack)
Nickname: Ari, Var, Vari (he's not picky with his own name)
Name pronunciation: a-VAR-i
Name meaning: of the sky


Avari is a small wolf, there is no doubt in that. If given a passing glance he can be mistaken for a large coyote given his size and coat. The medium-length fur on his underbelly and legs is a tannish, light brown sort of color. On his back, the lighter brown fades into a deep, dark brown that almost seems black in certain lights. These darker shades continue in his tail and as well as his face, but not around his eyes. Surrounding his amber-orange irises are circular patches of the lighter brown color that adorns his lower side. His muscular faculties can be misleading; his jaw and leg power far exceeds the limits of what another would expect them to be by simply looking at him. When moving Avari does so with a sort of natural grace that has been acquired over moons of hunting and slinking around, stalking prey.


Avari is quite an active fellow, yet it doesn't show very often. His mind seems to work a million miles a minute, never ceasing to take a break. Despite his mental speeds, he has quite an exceptional control over his body which he attributes to the time he spends hunting and training himself. When encountered with another, Avari is polite and responds easily to questions or otherwise, but he rarely offers up more than a basic answer. He does not care to explain much about himself for suspicious reasons; Avari likes to remain untraceable to any outsider as running from his past seems to have become a habit for him. However, this somewhat shaded side of him is outweighed by his natural curiosity, which projects the little wolf with a lighter, almost pup-like air. Along with this curiosity comes an active imagination, which he regularly exercises.

Likes: Hunting, sneaking around, cloud watching, chasing things, being chased/trying to escape things, running and jumping over things, running in general

Dislikes: Fighting (physically)

Habits: When sitting, Avari often attempts to curl his tail around his front feet in almost a cat-like manner.




RP Example

Two hours now, it had been. Two hours he had been tracking this little gem, this little fairy. Its red-fire wings did not serve as any form of warning to the diminutive hunter. He was slippery like water through the sparse tree leaves of the fall and three times as quiet. He could catch anything he wanted to. Avari’s amber irises locked onto the flitting redbird, zeroing in solely on its organic form. So what if only cats chased birds? So what if he couldn’t climb trees like the felines? He could catch birds, for they were, in fact, related.
“Of the sky” was his title, and so he intended to uphold it. When his red fae bird descended from his namesake, Avari would appear to claim his birthright. Silently, the little wolf stepped over the ground, pursuing the winglet with a subdued relentlessness. Descending, the little creature flung out its red sails to slow its momentum. It landed on a protruding branch from a bush. Instinctively, the small hunter’s shoulders lowered into a crouch as he began to pad forward with light steps. The redbird sang a leaping tune, its notes painting the air with a pleasant ring. It called for a mate.
Yet a second later, the song had ended. Avari had pounced, soaring high over a fallen tree that obstructed him and caught the winglet between his snapping jaws. Quickly, the bird passed into the void, back forever to its home. The little wolf could almost feel its spirit fly up into the beyonds. Gingerly, Avari laid his prize on the ground as to not damage it any further. Its feathers’ red hue invited his eyes to look upon it.
What a treasure, Avari thought, gazing with wonder. How wonderful would it be to fly.
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Wolf Infomation
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Mate?: if you like?

PostSubject: Re: Avari   Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:08 am

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Posts : 29
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Age : 20
Location : Stark Tower

Wolf Infomation
Breed?: Eastern Wolf
Crush?: ...
Mate?: Not yet :3

PostSubject: Re: Avari   Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:09 am

Why thank you, dear not rival. :3
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PostSubject: Re: Avari   

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