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Wolf Infomation
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PostSubject: Rayne   Mon May 20, 2013 11:21 am

• Basics

Name: Rayne

Age: 3 and 4 months

Breed: Timber Wolf

Rank: Slayer, if that's alright!

Gender: Male!

Tone of voice: He has a smooth, strong voice. It's actually weird, to be honest. Not many males have a.....calm yet smooth voice such as Raynes.

Desired rank: A slayer...?

Nickname: Ray...

Name pronunciation: You say his name like you would say "Rain".

• Appearance :

His coat is short and thick. It's kind of scruffy, and it's not the softest fur.
His fur is naturally black, but it's mixed in with brown, dark and light. His eyes are rather big, giving him a cute, yearling look. But he's not a yearling! He is indeed, an adult! Anyway, they are a dark honey color. His ears are long and pointed at the tips.
His tongue, like any other wolf, is pink, only on his it has a black splotch around the side. His muzzle is long and slender, and curves downward a little bit.  Rayne is a rather small male wolf. Actually, he's about the size of a female wolf, the age range of 4.

• Persona:
Like his voice, Rayne is calm. Yet, he can be a bit playful to. He likes to run and be free, and usually won't let anyone tell him off. Though, He is a bit insecure when it comes to females AND males. Well, when it comes to anyone. In his old pack, male found him as a disgrace because of his size. And no female wanted him because he was as small as them!  So, he can be a bit skittish and shy.

• Habits: Rayne tends to run off and hunt. It doesn't matter if he is hungry or not, he feels....free when he hunts. Like no one can stop him. Another habit it, he tends to chew leaves. Yes, leaves. He can tell whether a leaf if good or not to eat, and he'll eat it! And, he'll eat sticks. Again, Yes, Sticks!

• History:
Rayne was born into a small pack, his mother baring a litter of three. Two females and one male. The two females looks just like their mother, Jade. She, just like them, had a shiny coat of a russet brown. It was a beautiful color. The two female's names were Layla and Lark. They were said to be "twins". The male pup however, looked a lot like his father. They both had a coat made of black, with a mix of brown, light and dark. Everyone in the pack adored the pups! They were healthy and highly respected. Why? Well the three pups just happened to be the offspring of the grand Alpha's of the pack!

Only that happiness didn't last long. As the pups grew, the females turned out...to be bigger and stronger then the male. Which to the other pack mates, including their parents, was just plain right wrong! In that pack, males were considered the best fighters and hunters, yet Rayne's sisters turned out to be better then him at almost everything. Except hunting, they never could keep up with the speedy male on hunts. But, that didn't matter. The other males pushed and shoved him around, bit and scratched Rayne. And the worse thing was, his Father let them.  

One day, Rayne came back to the den with a torn back leg. Jade was frantic. But couldn't do anything about the bullying gone wrong. Because His father threatened to kill Larka and Layla is she tried. And Jade couldn't lose her favorite pups. Rayne was heart broken. He was so sure his mother would stick up for him, put an end to this abuse, but she didn't. As Rayne got older, he wanted to find love. But did that happen? Nope! No female wanted him. They wanted a male big and strong enough to protect their pups, and provide. Little did they know, Rayne could do both. Finally, he had enough, and did what no other wolf had done for ages in that land. He left. He told his father off, and left, never to be seen by his parents, nor his Ex-pack, again.

• Relations -

Patents: Jade and Darius

Siblings: Larka and Layla

Mate: None

Crush: None yet

Pups: No pups carry his genes.

• A photographic reference of Rayne:

• Rp Example: (This involve's Rayne and His Grandmother!)

"Nana? Can I go outside?" Whispered the darkly coated male pup, as he lay in the dark, far corner of his birthing den. He wanted to go outside. He never got to go outside. "NO!" Hissed a sweet yet scary voice, and all of a sudden a she-wolf, age of 5 or so, with the pelt of a creamy brown  came at the small pup, baring and snapping her large, yellow fangs. She never let him outside.

"B-but, Layla and Larka....g-get to g-go outside!" He cried, bringing a paw up to wipe away a tear that fell from his left eye and dripped from his muzzle. He couldn't, nor would he, allow to let his Nana see him cry.  "That's because they are and will ALWAYS get what you don't!" She cackled, her old, pale yellow eyes still cold, but they swirled with humor.

"But my mommy would-" SMACK! Rayne's head flew backwards and struck the hard rock behind it. His Nana just hit him. This time, Rayne couldn't hold in his tears anymore. He began to cry, wail, and sob. No one ever liked Rayne. Except his mother, but she never stuck up for him. Except when it came to going outside. When his mommy was here, Rayne always got to go outside. "Aw be quiet!" Hissed the cream colored female. The dark coated male hiccuped and wiped away some more tears, only to be bitten on the scruff. Hard. Rayne heard a gasp, and a shuffle, then, there was his mother's face, but everything got blurry, and then there was nothing. Just darkness.

"Rayne..." A voice called out from somewhere beyond, but the pup was no longer able to respond. (Btw, he just got knocked out. He ain't dead!O_O)

 • Scars: He has a long scar on his left back leg. It hard to see though! He has a few on his ears from a bear, and one of his scruff, hidden deep beneath his fur, from his hateful Nana.  
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Wolf Infomation
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Mate?: I'm not really looking......

PostSubject: Re: Rayne   Mon May 20, 2013 1:07 pm

Nice bio! Your history kinda made me sad:( But besides that, I hope you are accepted, and Welcome!

This isn't fair? Ha, well don't go blame this on me! My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me! 
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Wolf Infomation
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PostSubject: Re: Rayne   Tue May 21, 2013 2:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Rayne   

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