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 Ronan O'Connell

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Wolf Infomation
Breed?: Timber Wolf
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PostSubject: Ronan O'Connell    Sun May 19, 2013 6:46 am

R o n a n
I'm sorry, lover... You're sorry; I bring you down
Well, these days I try and these days I tend to lie
Name Ronan O'Connell
Nicknames Ron, Rony
First Name Origin Decided by parents
Last Name Origin Decided by parents
Preferred Name Ronan
Gender Male
Breed Timber wolf
Scientific Name Canis lupus lycaon
Rank guardian
Current Pack Silenced
Past Pack  O'Connell pack
Hourglass 4 years
Birth Date 4th of August
Birth Time 2:56 PM
Birthplace The woodlands 100 miles to the south of Redvale ruins
Litter 1st born out of 3, Mother's 1st litter out of 2
Zodiac sign Leo
Voice Ben Ryan Davies
First Language English
Second Language none
Accent a slight Irish lilt
Speech habits None
Aroma A deep woody and musky scent
A p p e a r a n c eKinda thought I was a mystery and then I thought I wasn't meant to be
You said yourself fantastically, "Congratulations you were all alone"
Ref 1 Ref 2 Ref 3 Ref 4 Ref 5 Ref 6
Fur Length long
Fur Thickness dense
Fur Colour A vast range of colours are splattered across his fur, primarily a shade comparable to terra cotta with paler tan on his legs, flecks of grey throughout and a muddy brown hue on his stomach. Deeper orange makes its presence known on the back of his ears and upper muzzle, his muzzle also beginning to whiten marginally. Grey highlights the area above and in between his eyes.
Eye Colour deep amber
Eye shape quite slanted, angular
Eye Size Average
Ear shape pointed, with a little indent in them at the sides
Ear Size samelish
Muzzle Average in size, however cut off abruptly at the end
Nose Size Average
Nose colour black
Teeth 40/42 teeth remain in his mouth
Legs Shorter than most but study and strong, well muscled and powerful
Paws average
Tail average in length and relatively fluffy
Shoulders board and muscular, driven by sheer power
Neck a sturdy and large neck.
P e r s o n a
But the rain won't fall for the both of us
The sun won't shine on the both of us
First Impressions On first impressions Ronan depicts a emotionally strong and confidant character. He has faith in his own ability and isn't afraid to use his words to flirt and charm as well as physical strength to duel with opposition. He his a proud wolf and not at all afraid to defend his honour should another try to tarnish it, constantly trying to maintain the 'respect' around his family name, at heart he is still a fighter like them and stupidly brave with it. Combining these traits can make the male only only seem arrogant but a show off as well.
Deeper Knowing the male better with reveal the true extent on his loyalties not only to his heritage but those that can be formed with allies around him. Underneath he is not so not a restless warrior looking for the next battle but a duty bound solider living life by the only principles he knows. Note: Do not make him snap.
Fears The male doesn't openly fear anything,  either because ignorance or arrogance have worked their magic. If anything the one true thing he finds himself afraid of is himself, as over the years over have tried to change him but he had remained steadfast giving him a great faith that it was he himself deciding his own path and using his own will power. He is unaware however that if he puts his mind to something sheer determination is likely to get it done.
H i s t o r y
Believe me when I say,
that I wouldn't have it any other way
Life for Ronan started well, his was the first born out of four pups, three males and a female, and the strongest and most dominant with it, with him being noticeably larger then his siblings as well. It was soon clear that all the males were taking after their parents and had inherited the fighting genes however the youngest pup, the female named Vikki was nothing like any of the wolves in the family and barely even looked like she was the same species of wolf let alone the offspring of the two shocked parents. Of course it fell on Ronan's father to fabricate an answer to this, and his conclusion being that his mate had not been loyal to him and that the pups particularly Vikki had their blood tainted by this wrenched outsider wolf. Ronan couldn't remember a particular time he noticed it starting, and presumes to this day that almost instantly as soon as the pups were born his father had formed his opinions and began to beat his mother.

The pups were always sheltered from it and Ronan never quiet understood that unspoken promise, but while his mother received the worst of the males anger they were untouched albeit for being threatened and cursed at now and again. They lived there childhood in its shadow, being brought up and trained in fighting by the rest of pack and knowing full well that whilst they were so young they were powerless against their. Cabhan and Dylan joined the majority of the pack when they became nothing more then hot-headed warriors, the street fighters of wolves engaging in any type of bloodshed they could get their hands on. Ronan to his own disgust began to show the signs of falling into the same category as his father, he was a calm wolf until he ticked, driven and motivated skilful in combat. The difference was that his dad ticked far too easily while Ronan remained collected, the very reason that every single footstep wrong caused a violent outburst from his father while he was patient and waited for his tone to strike.

His sister Vikki did her best to stay out of harms way for alas she was scarcely a fighter, by the age of two she was struck with grief as she gave birth to a single stillborn pup who's father remains unknown, not even she would be able to tell you for after this she never spoke a word again. The two brothers became more and more angry with the world, proceeding to launch into frequent brawls with their father none of which could lesson the burden on his mother. As for Ronan, well he stayed and he waited because there came a day when he was three years old that he was bigger than his dad, and that was the day he killed him.

The pack had apparently been oblivious to the nature of the male, and upon finding out this knowledge they refused to believe it. It took much debating before a happy medium was reached. His family would be allowed to live out their lives with the pack while he was to serve his punishment as banishment from the lands.

R e l a t i o n s
Your time will come if you wait for it, if you wait for it
It's hard, believe me... I've tried
Family Tree ● click pls
Siblings ● Cabhan and Dylan
Parents ● Anna and Daniel
Heart holder none yet
Crush Jennezia
Friendoids He considers none atop his friend list.
Frenimies Birthpack
Enemies Father
Tutors None
But I keep coming up short
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Ronan O'Connell
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