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 Vox Populi

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PostSubject: Vox Populi    Sat May 11, 2013 8:51 am

Vox Populi

Vox Populi is a newly created site that developed from the closing of one entire pack called the Banishing Winds. A pack that had been open and actively alive for 3+ years, but all good things must soon come to an end..and change is always needed for improvement to happen. So the founder of BWP (me) wanted to do more and branch off into a completely new area of things...which is why we are now known as Vox Populi.

Here you will be greeted and welcomed with open arms by a great staff team that is always eager to help you out, as well as a small but ever growing community of members that are all proving to be rather fantastic.

And although Vox Populi does have a main plot and will continue to throw out new twist and turns for the main storyline, you are not held specifically to that one plot. In fact is highly encouraged and is your right as a member (Rper) to ultimately decide the fate of your character(s). So it’s up to you to discover what your character(s) will encounter when peace is no more, the story is yours to forge...we just provide you with a place and a background area to forge it.

Background History:

The Sapientia Saecolorum, Lingua Veritatis and Animos Regum were formed long ago when a great pack disbanded and became something entirely different. In the beginning times were hard, but the three packs that have claimed the land have always lived in a form of chaotic harmony. The three packs, dedicated to their varying pursuits, learned long ago to simply leave each other in be and stick to their own ways. This idea worked like a charm and except for the occasional bump, and small skirmishes, the three packs entered a time of honest peace. Though times are always changing and as the early months of spring came upon the land, the corpse of the alpha male of the Sapientia Saecolorum was found, just over the edge of Animos Regum territory...and this discovery might just bring Vox Populi crumbling down.

What you can expect from Vox Populi if you join:

+ Friendly staff members that are always willing to help you out! And one of us is almost always on..to make things easier on you! ^^
+ High positions for all three packs, and future staff team positions as well!
+ Multiple character creation, create as many characters as you can actively play.
+ Contest and fun little activities to ensure that you always have something to do, and are actively engaged in the VP Community!
+ Constant updates to guarantee that you are always aware of what is happening and what is going to happen.
+ A growing community, that will be centered around the members...and promises much in the future!

[ We are also in the midst of discussing whether or not the community we have so far would like to add a fantasy aspect to VP. This would allow you to give your character unrealistic characteristics, as we are currently just a semi-realistic site. ]
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Vox Populi
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