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 The Watchers

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PostSubject: The Watchers   Thu May 09, 2013 3:19 am

The Watchers

|| History ||
The Watchers started of as a group of humans determined to stop the wrath on mankind. They wanted to protect the planet from the pollution and concrete jungles that were taking over the world destroying the heritage and beauty of the earth. They started of as a group if devoted protesters, using peaceful methods to gain attention. The strong governments at the time took no notice of them, a pathetic group trying to stem their development wouldn't get in their way. But the group were gaining member and appreciation from individual citizens, who joined and added there view. But with so many new voice added to the group their original aims were tainted.

No longer satisfied with just drawing attention to an important issue they wanted to take rule of the government to change the Cities failing systems forever. They grew large enough to be a household name, anyone how hadn't heard of the controversial party was seriously out of the loop. They grew enough to have their plight addressed by the government, a government who quickly dismissed them and their idea's as madness, referring to the group as nothing more than a load of loons.

With strong views and the support of loyal citizens you would have thought that the pledge to save the take over the cities would have only grown. But this is where it changed. No one is completely sure who planned such a monumental affair, but they idea must have been festering and in the making for months, years previously even and how they managed to pull of such a feat will also remain a mystery. They simply "disappeared." Not one of their representatives was seen in public, their propaganda removed from the streets and soon enough even the news reports seized to talk them soon.

What were they doing? Watching, Waiting and some would add "Changing". Nothing about that once small congregation was to be the same when they brought their face back into the public again. And when they did they did so massively. They'd changed their style, no more peaceful protests, no more motivational speech's - they were going to take action that would change the world, the likes of which so drastic that they had never seen in before, and hopefully never will be again.

Remerging from the shadows was a new race, changed and mutated into emotionless creatures designed to live in silence. They could survive the apocalypse they were about to create. This is where the Watcher's come from, no longer humans they were a race of their own, and they were named after their actions. But it was what they would do next that was the true life changer, or life ender should I say, as it was then they released their experimentations, that's when the released a the disease that started the year of fire.....

|| Appearance ||
It's slenderman.....

|| Build ||
The Watcher's are tall and thin individuals, averaging at 8 foot in height. They are unnaturally strong due to modifications to there cell structure, and though they show no physical muscle they are more than capable of snapping bone or knocking down any trees in their way. However it's probably important to mention that Watcher are more than frequently found blending in with their surroundings, slight frame let them move around silently and long limbs give them agility and speed.

Another feature you will no doubt notice is the many additional appendages the Watcher possess, sprouting from their back an acting as additional arms and legs. With these extra limbs the Watchers can climb and multitask. adding to their agility as they can use them as a spider would use there many extra lags.

It is most common to find a Watcher standing on two legs, at their intimidating full height, however when traveling over rough or varied terrain they are likely to employ a range of transportation methods.

|| Features ||
The watcher's are know known for being void of emotion, so much so that they literally have no facial features to use for expression. With freakishly pale skin, no hair, and no way to show emotion or even talk they always appear distant and impartial. AS for senses it is unknown how they get around the matter, however all we can presume is that their advanced technologies come into play.

|| Attire ||
Watcher's are always dressed the same regardless of occasion or the matter in hand. Their black suits are always pristine, as well as there white shirts and black ties that add to their smart and formal appearance.

|| Believes ||
The Watchers believe that emotions should not interfere with their "Duty" of rebuilding the environment, hence why they have removed emotion from themselves. They still feel limited emotions though, such as loyalty to their cause and determination to protect.

|| Technologies ||
No Watcher is complete without an array of technologies behind them, and it is unthinkable to think of one of these silent lurkers without the latest gadgets under their belt. With endless possibilities there's no telling what sort of weaponry they could be hiding.

|| Names ||
Each individual Watcher does not get a name, instead they refer to each other by numbers or sometime a Watcher is nicknamed due to a noble deed they have performed

|| Communication ||
Watcher's are not capable of speech, and instead use internal dialect as a way of projecting their thoughts into the minds of others.

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The Watchers
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» The Watchers

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